::Lyca Shan

About Lyca Shan:

Lyca Shan is a published author, speaker, successful career woman and the founder of Firewalker Enterprises.  As well as her creative successes, she has been working as a systems engineer and technical project manager for fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and EDS for the last 15 years and is now setting out to expand her company with the vision of utilizing technical expertise and strengths with creativity to help others attain their dreams. With this in mind, FireWalker Enterprises has evolved into a center for expertise that will help you tap into your full potential by giving you the support of a team of what she refers to as your “Dream Warriors,” experts to empower you!


My technical (The Geek-in-me) Credentials:

Associates in Computer Science
Computer Field Service Technician Certification
Systems Integrator Certificate of Achievement

  •  PMI Certification: – PMP (Project Management Professional)
  •  Certification:  Project Requirements Management Workshop
  •  Certification:  Project Cost Management
  •  MCP Certification: (Project 2007)
  •  Wealth Alliance: – "WordPress Unplugged" expert Certification
  •  And a bunch of other mind numbing techno certs from  years of professional IT work such as MCSE (Microsoft certified systems engineer) etc.

Solutions-oriented professional IT Project Manager who excels at managing projects in complex high-tech environments, collaborating with cross-functional project teams, interfacing with clients, and deploying technology to build successful infrastructure solutions. Advanced knowledge of infrastructure projects from over 15 years in-depth hands-on experience in information-technology environments. Over 15 years experience in project management and deployment of business requirements to information systems. Motivated achiever adept at multi-tasking in a high-pressure, heavy workload environment managing 15-35 projects simultaneously at any given time, leading teams of 10+ people from requirement gathering through implementation and support. Proven track record of service excellence in communication, negotiation and presentation skills translating high tech solutions into comprehensive presentations to clients with all levels of expertise.

Core Technical Knowledge & Skill Areas:

PMP: – Technical Project Management
MCP (Project 2007)
Extensive technical expertise in Complex Infrastructure Solutions Migrations/Upgrades
Excellent communication, and negotiation and skills
Customer Relationships
Process Redesign/Streamlining
Service Strategies/Solutions
Escalation resolutions
Team Management
Technical Strategies Coordination
Regulatory Compliance Issues
Team Training & Mentoring

My Creative Credentials (The Artist in me:)

Published Author:

  •    Firewalker
  •    Life Manual for 21st Centry Women (contributing author)

Audio Course creation: The Healing Author" series.
On-Line Boot Camp Training: "Becoming a Black Belt Dreamer"
Website Designer
Freelance writer
Creative Consultant
Graphic Design (my orginal major and I just love the stuff, it’s my hobbie!)
Motivational Speaker
Personal Coach
Wealth Alliance: – "Ultimate Consulting" Certification
Wealth Alliance: – "Bullseye Marketing" Certification