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By Lyca Shan | November 21, 2009

Journaling Can Open The Doors To Your Own Internal Dialogue To Success…

Take this first step towards fire walking through your fears!

Imagine yourself standing in front of a long path of red hot burning coals, you can actually feel the heat on your face as you stand there, willing yourself to step forward on your bare feet.  How would you feel if one day you actually defied the laws of physics through sheer force of belief?  Then think…if this is possible, what else am I capable of? How many doors of possibility does that open?  This was the experience I had. But even for those that have not done a fire walk, "Firewalking through your fears” is a wonderful metaphor for “fire walking” through the often chaotic history of our lives, which can be a painful but freeing journey in itself.

For centuries the human race has used writing to communicate vision to each other, and equally important (or perhaps more so) to bring to light our internal vision.  Many studies have been done showing the psychological and physical benefits of discovery and release through the process of journaling. Having experienced first hand the healing effects of this, I believe there is true healing in expression through language.  In this case writing in the form of journaling.

How many times have you gone over and over a hurtful memory, an angry recollection of a past situation, re-living it in your mind, and actually rewriting it “I should have said this! Or that! Why I oughta!…”  Now imagine if you could consciously choose how to re-write the emotions that hold you captive.

The process of transforming the memories of your past into words of the present in a certain way, can be used to forge a new experience of life and freedom from the prison of pain that certain memories of past experiences cause. Journaling is used as a mechanism to connect with your subconscious, the force that guides your every day life with the same invisible ease as breathing.


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