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Mind-body Yoga

By Lyca Shan | December 12, 2009

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Mind-body yoga Yoga is an ancient art focusing on developing harmony between mind-body and spirit. Yoga is a Hindu discipline that promotes this harmony through a system of postures and rituals. There are many different types of yoga, most fit into the definition of mind-body yoga. I found this article discusses the mind-body yoga connection:


ARTICLE: Yoga: A Legacy That Enriches Your Well Being By Rick Maguire Well regarded as the oldest practice of self-development, Yoga received a legacy status in India about 500 years ago. Yoga beautifies your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well- being. Moreover, Yoga motivates you to focus on your potentials as well as self-awareness. Yoga has several methods to start with and to carry on a healthy life. These methods include physical postures, breathing control as well as meditation. Though Yoga helps you to cleanse & refresh your mind but most people engage in Yoga to shape up and to get better with their health and well-being. There are only a few who really get into pure mediation and self-reflection without doing or performing the Yogic asanas.

Yoga is misconceived as a series of steps to be followed but actually it is an ever-evolving process that refines your self more as it itself gets evolved. Over time, Yoga enriches your soul & enhances the self-awareness as you practice it. Yoga improves your body & strengthens control on your body and mind. Yoga enhances your capability to direct your mind and to interact with the object of your concentration. However, Yoga requires a real dedication in order to achieve these goals and enjoy its corresponding benefits.

Starting its journey from India, Yoga has become a widespread practice nowadays and has influenced & benefited millions around the world. You will find yoga classes and groups in almost every city and region. The most common form of Yoga involves proper coordination between breathing and body. This right coordination of physical exercise and harmonized breathing improves the blood circulation, provides a positive relief to the body and increases one’s vitality, potency and flexibility. Yoga has several forms; few of them are fast aerobic workouts while few include effective & powerful precise styles for the fitness conscious people. Few forms of Yoga are gentle and focus more on remedial causes. Yoga can be practiced by anybody.

It is open to all people of different ages, beliefs and lifestyles. It can be learned by simply reading good books & references. Although it will be more advantageous if you go for a personal tutor or attend a prestige Yoga class. Undoubtedly, Yoga will be a plus for your health and well being but you must decide on to a form that fits your physique and your lifestyle. You must be aware of your own qualities so that your learning is guided properly because each form of Yoga has its own unique form of meditation.

While practicing Yoga, it is advised to use good mats that act as a cushion on hard floor and choose your clothing that lets you move freely to optimize your flexibility skills. Rick Maguire is an weight loss expert and has an extensive range of articles on weight loss, exercises, obesity, the weight loss pill Phentermine and other health issues to his credit. For a glimpse into his article gallery, visit the website: http://www.phentermine-effects.com


As you can see mind-body yoga as a whole go together. This holistic approach to your overall wellbeing integrates the physical and mental, creating the mind-body yoga connection.

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