Writing Firewalker:

Writing my book, Firewalker, became a personal healing process and is now a universal testimony to the dream warrior that lives within every single human man being. The book is entitled Firewalker, not only because I have literally walked on burning coals, but because I had to walk through fire in order to help myself and to show you that there is no tragedy you cannot conquer.

At the age of eight, I was taken from Boston and transported to a remote compound in Northern Maine where I spent over the next ten years in what I can only refer to as a cult. Freedom of speech, self-expression, free will and independence were forbidden and resulted in harsh punishment, even exile. My self-esteem was crushed by years of repeated mental and emotional abuse generously poured out by the cult leader.

Dream Warrior

By listening to my dream warrior, I finally mustered enough courage to leave the cult in 1989 and joined my younger sister who had escaped to Washington where I was briefly reunited with my brother who I hadn’t seen in five years. This was my first time in the real world – I didn’t even know how to use a pay phone.

I worked a string of odd jobs, putting myself through school where I earned an Associates degree in computer science. Since then I have worked for fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and Nextel Communications as a systems engineer and project manager. My Mission: While I was physically free from the cult, I still had to rely on my internal dream warrior to break the emotionally chains I carried. Thus, the process of writing Firewalker became a burning drive; it was something I HAD to do, for myself and for you.


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